Heating Pro Certification

This certification is very valuable to an energy auditor because the training goes beyond the basics of BPI’s testing protocols and gets into the root cause of heating system problems, recommendation on how to correct issues such as high temperature differential, high carbon monoxide, low flow readings and many other problems that can have a big impact on an energy retrofit.

Seperate yourself from your competitors by educating the customer on why their system failed your testing and what they can do to remedy the situation, rather then just telling them it failed.

This course will prepare you to understand heating system load and sizing, design, duct system diagnostics, and proper maintenance and efficiency analysis.

Testing is scheduled for the week following this class and requires separate registration. 

Prerequisite: Student must have Advanced Building Analyst Certification.

Classes are run at Entech facilities at 145 Railroad Hill Street, Waterbury, CT 

Classes are typically booked uponn demand. Contact us to make arrangements. 

This class provides 10 BPI CEUs.