Building Envelope Certification

BPI envelope certification is the typical next step after obtaining your BPI Building Analyst certification. An Envelope certified technician is typically the lead on home performance retrofit projects. Envelope skills include:

  1.  Advanced testing procedures to determine location and quantity of energy savings to be performed.
  2. Importance of duct sealing and how ductwork systems interact with other air leaks the home.
  3. Quantifying performance and prescribed improvements that help tighten the building envelope (shell)
  4. Identification of methods to stop uncontrolled air leakage and optimize comfort, durability and HV/AC performance
These new skills will compliment your Building Analyst skills and increase your knowledge in the field of building science. Your ability to make recommendations for home energy improvements will increase and your ability to address health and safety concerns in the home will benefit your homeowners. 

This is typically 5 days of classroom instruction with an additional day the following week for online exam and field testing. The School for Energy Efficiency has an on-site test house for ease of field testing. Students must successfully pass the online written exam and field exam in order to receive BPI certification. Both exams are part of the course and included in the cost.

Prerequisite: Student must have Advanced Building Analyst Certification. We can provide you with 20 BPI Continuing Education Credits if you pass the Envelope exam and field test.

Classes are run at Entech facilities at 145 Railroad Hill Street, Waterbury, CT 

This class provides 10 BPI CEUs.


BPI-Advanced Building Analyst and Envelope Certification

This is a very intensive 5 day combo class includes all the training necessary to challenge both the BPI Advanced Building Analyst and BPI Building Envelope professional certifications. Class is a combination of classroom, field work and homework. Students should expect to spend several hours each night in study. Because of the intense nature of this class it is limited to students with solid background in the home performance trade or other similar experience.Class size is limited to 6 to provide individual attention. Testing is scheduled for the week following this class and will be scheduled on the first day of classes. The cost of tests are included. Classes are held at The School for Energy Efficiency at 145 Railroad Hill Street, Waterbury, CT.