HVAC: The D2 Program

Warm Air, A/C and Refrigeration.

A CT D2 license will allow you to install, service, repair, maintain, and alter any warm air, A/C, or refrigeration systems. To qualify for a D2 license, you must complete 4,000 hours (2 years) on the job as part of the CT apprenticeship program. Apprenticeships are paid jobs that provide the necessary training to acquire your license. ENTECH provides all the necessary class instruction in about 6 months time.

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D2 License Program

This program provides all of the educational requirements necessary to fulfill the D2 License requirements. Students are ready to begin their two year apprenticeship upon completion of the program.

ENTECH's D2 License Program includes training in the following fields:

Introduction to the Trades
Trade Math
Refrigeration Fundamentals
Air Conditioning
Heating Warm Air / D2
Metal Trade
Comfort Systems Design
OSHA 30 Construction - Online via a State of CT approved provider (additional cost)

The D2 program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills, needed to obtain employment as an apprentice in the HVAC industry.


Classes are held at: 10 Alcap Ridge, Cromwell, CT 

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