Students Learn From the Pros at ENTECH Advanced Energy Training

CROMWELL, Conn. – An established Connecticut Technical school has announced a rebranding. Entech, formerly known as ITEC, is raising its profile with a new website and aggressive digital media campaign. The name may have changed, but the instruction and training remain what they’ve always been – first rate and unsurpassed in the state of Connecticut.

ENTECH Advanced Energy Training is a state-certified, nonprofit occupational school affiliated with CEMA – the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association. It offers comprehensive career training in every aspect of the energy industry.

The Cromwell-based school, which was founded in 1978 and has trained thousands in the energy industry, was formerly known as ITEC – ICPA Technical Education Center. ICPA is the former name of the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association. The association has about 600 member companies that serve the energy needs of homes and businesses throughout the state.

ENTECH, which is approved by the state Office of Apprenticeship Training, is guided and overseen by industry professionals. The school is also approved as a private occupational vocational technical school by the state Office of Higher Education.

ENTECH provides its graduates with the necessary credentials to obtain apprentice positions as HVACR – heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration – service providers in Connecticut. For example, students in ENTECH’s HVACR-S License program can be ready for a paid apprenticeship with an energy company or commercial/residential HVACR company in under six months.

In addition to HVACR training, ENTECH also provides CETP propane training, CDL driving training and BPI energy efficiency training, as well as several other continuing education programs in the energy field.

ENTECH is also committed to preparing its students to compete for jobs in the ongoing “Green” renaissance that the energy industry is currently experiencing. “Green jobs are the future of this industry,” said Craig Snyder, the president of Wesson Energy in Waterbury and CEMA’s Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. “We are at a unique moment in time for the energy industry, and our school is absolutely ready and able to train our students to deal with all kinds of emerging energy technologies and products, including those related to solar energy and other new energy saving equipment and diagnostics.”

ENTECH’s unique structure offers students the best and most direct opportunity to launch a career in the dynamic and rapidly expanding energy field. “We are a nonprofit school so our focus – our goal – is to service the energy industry and consumers by training as many high quality technicians as we possibly can.” said Chris Herb, the president of CEMA and the director of the school.

The school’s curriculum is overseen and sanctioned by energy company owners, who are members of CEMA, and their service managers – the same people who will be doing the hiring when the ENTECH students complete their training. It stands to reason that these potential employers have confidence and a certain comfort level with the applicant’s training when that candidate happens to be an ENTECH graduate.

ENTECH students are often exposed to potential employers before they even finish their program. “CEMA is made up of hundreds of small and mid-sized energy companies, and every one of them is going to be needing technicians and apprentices, both now and in the future,” Snyder said.

In addition to better job placement opportunities, the tuition and required time to complete the program are less than at other Connecticut technical schools. That’s because the programs at ENTECH are focused solely on the students’ vocational paths. While other private technical schools tend to fold a larger percentage of their apprenticeship program into their curriculum, ENTECH students can start earning money sooner because they complete their required apprenticeship programs primarily on the job.

“Training at ENTECH also emphasizes on-the-job professionalism and communication skills so students are well prepared to not only work effectively with customers, but also be able to impart to those customers the finer points of home energy conservation,” Snyder said.

ENTECH’s next semester of classes begins in August. Tuition assistance is available. For more information or a facility tour, visit or call 860-893-0605.