Frequently Asked Questions

Q.        How old do you have to be to get a CDL license?

            A. 18 years or older

Q.        Do I have to have a current CT Drivers license for a car?

            A. Yes.

Q.        Do I need a physical exam done?

            A. Yes and this exam must be completed by a CT Certified Medical Examiner. A list of               examiners can be found on the CT DMV website along with the required DOT physical exam           form.

Q.           How do I begin the application process with the CT DMV?

A. Yes. The process begins with a self certification application on the DMV website (must be done 10 days prior to going to DMV to take written test, proof of self certification must be carried to DMV to take test).

Q.           Do I have to pass a drug test before testing?

A. Yes. You must pass and supply the results for a DOT Drug and Alcohol test. ENTECH has a facility the recommend to get your testing done. Students who work in a company that does random testing need to supply the results from a test within the last 30 days and a company letter that certifies that you are in a random testing company. Also, in each class, at least one student will be randomly selected to be drug tested.

Q.           What other forms of ID will the CT DMV require?

A. They will require an original Social Security card.

Q.           What fees can I expect to pay aside from the ENTECH registration fee?

A. Fees for the physical exam, drug test, testing and permit fees due to the CT DMV are not included in ENTECH's registration costs.  You will pay for CDL skills test at same time as you take the written test through DMV.

Q.           When do I start road and field testing?

After the initial half day class at ENTECH, you will have a few weeks to gather up all the requirements note above. As soon as you have everything, contact ENTECH and get scheduled for the next field and road test class.