S2 Exam Prep Seminar

Starts: 06-19-24 Ends: 06-20-24
8:00am - 3:30pm

The S2/D2 License Exam Prep Seminar is an essential two day review presented for technicians who will be undergoing their S2 or D2 license testing. Information regarding State of CT Occupational Licensing Testing and suggested reference materials can be found on PSI Exams Online at https://www.psiexams.com/ Bring your code books to the exam prep!!! (IMC/2015,NFPA31/2011,NFPA54/2012,NFPA58/2014,NFPA56) Please arrive 10 minutes early! Following Cromwell Health Dept. / CDC Guidelines

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Price: $280.00
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