CDL Training

Get your Class B driving license to operate commercial vehicles.

Numerous businesses require licensed CDL drivers to distribute product, deliver orders and provide services to customers. The ENTECH CDL training program will prepare you for taking both the written and driving tests required in CT to get your Class B commercial driver license.

In CT, you will need to pass a written test and a driving test, both through the CT Department of Motor Vehicles. Although classroom education is not required by the state of CT, ENTECH has designed a classroom and field practice class that guides you through the licensing process to meet both state and federal requirements. If you are looking to obtain your CDL B license, aren't you worth the investment of time and money to ensure you get it right the first time?

Get your CT CDL B License in 5 Easy Steps!

    1. Get your classroom education at ENTECH.
    2. Practice your field and road test skills at ENTECH.
    3. Get all your paperwork together.
    4. Take your written test.
    5. Take your road test.

Start working as a licensed CDL B licensed driver!

What you need to know: 

You will start out your training with a half day classroom session. After that, you will have a few weeks to fulfill a variety of requirements to complete in order to meet the CT DMV regulations. ENTECH will walk you  through all these requirements during the first class. You can read the Frequently Asked Questions below to learn what is needed for CT DMV.  

After gathering up all the required documents, ENTECH will schedule you for your field and road test lessons. This should all be done within 3-5 weeks after that initial classroom training. ENTECH will guide you through the process as best as we can!


Of course, a major part of your CDL license will be the road test, where you prove your driving skills match up the CT DMV expectations for a license. After completion of the ENTECH training, you are ready for the road test. At ENTECH, we offer two paths to road testing:

    1. ENTECH works with the CT DMV to schedule on-site CDL road testing at our site in Cromwell CT. The convenience of the onsite testing provides our students with the support of our instructor, the testing on a familiar course and the providing of the vehicle for testing. The scheduling of this testing requires that ENTECH guarantee a certain amount of students need testing and that the schedule of CT DMV coincides with the end of our training. For these reasons, ENTECH cannot guarantee our students that on-site road testing will always be available at the specific time you need it. However, we will make every attempt to get you tested as close.
    2. Independent Testing - another option for road testing, independent of ENTECH, is to schedule your individual test through the CT DMV. This can be done online at the CT DMV website. You will need to have your own vehicle for this test. 

All courses are held at our facility at 10 Alcap Ridge, Cromwell, CT.

If you have questions about any of our programs, please call Kate Lennon at 860-893-0605, email her at, or fill out the form and we'll contact you.